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Genes not in 168

acnA RBAM_029230 amylocyclicin synthesis
acnB RBAM_029240 amylocyclicin synthesis
acnC RBAM_029220 amylocyclicin synthesis
acnD RBAM_029210 amylocyclicin export
acnE RBAM_029200 amylocyclicin export
acnF RBAM_029190 amylocyclicin immunity
adhC RBAM_002680 Iron-containing alcohol dehydrogenase
adhD1 RBAM_017440 alcohol dehydrogenase
aroE1 RBAM_008070 shikimate dehydrogenase
aroE2 RBAM_008060 shikimate dehydrogenase
blm RBAM_011860 subclass B1 metallo-beta-lactamase
bmyA RBAM_018180 Nonribosomal bacillomycin synthesis
bmyB RBAM_018170 Nonribosomal bacillomycin synthesis
bmyC RBAM_018160 Nonribosomal bacillomycin synthesis
bmyD RBAM_018190 Nonribosomal bacillomycin synthesis
chbA RBAM_017540 chitin binding
colA RBAM_007740 biofilm formation, adhesion on plant surfaces
colB RBAM_007750 biofilm formation, adhesion on plant surfaces
colC RBAM_007760 biofilm formation, adhesion on plant surfaces
colD RBAM_007770 biofilm formation, adhesion on plant surfaces
comX RBAM_028780 quorum sensing
cupA RBAM_028220 cupin
dapA1 RBAM_005640 dihydrodipicolinate synthase
desA RBAM_005390 Biosynthesis of unsaturated fatty acids
dfnA RBAM_022080 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnB RBAM_022050 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnC RBAM_022040 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnD RBAM_022030 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnE RBAM_022020 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnF RBAM_022010 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnG RBAM_022000 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnH RBAM_021990 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnI RBAM_021980 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnJ RBAM_021970 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnK RBAM_021960 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnL RBAM_021950 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnM RBAM_021940 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnX RBAM_022060 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnY RBAM_022070 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
gabT1 RBAM_002040 4-aminobutyrate aminotransferase
galE1 RBAM_012140 galactose utilization
galK1 RBAM_012150 galactose utilization
galR1 RBAM_012110 galactose utilization, regulation
galT1 RBAM_012130 galactose utilization
ganA RBAM_012120 utilization of galactan
gerKB1 RBAM_033060 germination
gerKC1 RBAM_033070 germination
ggaA1 RBAM_032860 minor teichoic acid biosynthesis protein ggaA like protein
glcP1 RBAM_002030 glucose/mannose:H+ symporter
gutA RBAM_006550 glucitol uptake
gutB RBAM_002060 sorbitol dehydrogenase
hsdM1 RBAM_007140 type I restriction-modification system methyltransferase subunit like protein
hsdR1 RBAM_007160 type I restriction enzyme, R subunit
hsdS1 RBAM_007150 type I restriction enzyme, S subunit
isbmA2 RBAM_002850 ISBma2, transposase
kdgK1 RBAM_017950 utilization of hexurouronate
kdgR1 RBAM_018000 negative transcriptional regulator (LacI family)
lacE1 RBAM_012160 sugar uptake and phosphorylation
lacF RBAM_012170 sugar uptake and phosphorylation
lacG RBAM_012180 metabolism of lactose
lacR1 RBAM_012190 control lactose uptake
lci RBAM_003370 SPBc2 prophage-derived protein
lipB1 RBAM_031790 lipase
lipC RBAM_004340 utilization
loaP RBAM_022090 Antitermination of polyketide synthesis
mcrA RBAM_007180 5-methylcytosine-specific restriction endonuclease, Predicted restriction endonuclease, HNH family
menH1 RBAM_029720 menaquinone biosynthesis
mlnA RBAM_014330 nonribosomal synthesis of macrolactin
mlnB RBAM_014340 nonribosomal synthesis of macrolactin
mlnC RBAM_014350 nonribosomal synthesis of macrolactin
mlnD RBAM_014360 nonribosomal synthesis of macrolactin
mlnE RBAM_014370 nonribosomal synthesis of macrolactin
mlnF RBAM_014380 nonribosomal synthesis of macrolactin
mlnG RBAM_014390 nonribosomal synthesis of macrolactin
mlnH RBAM_014400 nonribosomal synthesis of macrolactin
mlnI RBAM_014410 putative penicillin binding protein
mpr1 RBAM_029550 serine protease
mrsE RBAM_036680 putative ABC-transporter integral membrane protein (mersacidin)
mrsG RBAM_036670 ABC transporter (permease) mersacidin
mrsK2 RBAM_036640 control of mersacidin detoxification
mutE RBAM_031000 lantibiotic protection ABC transporter permease MutE
mutG RBAM_030990 lantibiotic immunity ABC transporter MutG family permease subunit
nagA1 RBAM_031380 N-acetylglucosamine-6-phosphate deacetylase
norA1 RBAM_037290 Quinolone resistance protein norA
nrsA RBAM_027470 thioesterase
nrsB RBAM_027460 mcbC-like_oxidoreductase
nrsC RBAM_027450 amino acid adenylation domain
nrsD RBAM_027440 Predicted hybrid nonribosomal peptide synthetase/polyketide synthase
nrsE RBAM_027430 synthesis of unknown secondary metabolite
nrsF RBAM_027420 NRPS adenylation domain
pdaA1 RBAM_014470 polysaccharide deacetylase
pdaA2 RBAM_024010 polysaccharide deacetylase
pgm1 RBAM_012200 enzyme in glycolysis / gluconeogenesis
pgprA RBAM_017410 essential for plant growth promotion
pps1 RBAM_008480 phosphoenolpyruvate synthase
pucC1 RBAM_037020 purine utilization
pucD1 RBAM_037030 purine utilization
pucE1 RBAM_037040 purine utilization
pznA RBAM_007441 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
pznB RBAM_007480 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
pznC RBAM_007460 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
pznD RBAM_007470 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
pznE RBAM_007490 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
pznF RBAM_007400 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
pznG RBAM_007420 plantazolicin ABC transport
pznH RBAM_007430 plantazolicin ABC transport
pznI RBAM_007440 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
pznJ RBAM_007450 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
pznK RBAM_007410 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
pznL RBAM_007500 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
qor RBAM_005360 oxidoreductase
RBAM_00236 RBAM_002360 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00237 RBAM_002370 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00239 RBAM_002390 two-component sensor histidine kinase
RBAM_00241 RBAM_002410 transport
RBAM_00248 RBAM_002480 sensory transduction protein kinase
RBAM_00251 RBAM_002510 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00252 RBAM_002520 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00253 RBAM_002530 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00259 RBAM_002590 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00266 RBAM_002660 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00267 RBAM_002670 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00339 RBAM_003390 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00457 RBAM_004570 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00459 RBAM_004590 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00461 RBAM_004610 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00462 RBAM_004620 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00463 RBAM_004630 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00464 RBAM_004640 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00467 RBAM_004670 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00468 RBAM_004680 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00510 RBAM_005100 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00520 RBAM_005200 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00523 RBAM_005230 Alpha/beta superfamily hydrolase
RBAM_00524 RBAM_005240 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00526 RBAM_005260 transport
RBAM_00530 RBAM_005300 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00533 RBAM_005330 transcriptional regulator, TetR family
RBAM_00550 RBAM_005500 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00551 RBAM_005510 transposase
RBAM_00557 RBAM_005570 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00559 RBAM_005590 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00565 RBAM_005650 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00568 RBAM_005680 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00572 RBAM_005720 MutT/NUDIX family protein
RBAM_00573 RBAM_005730 Sodium-dependent organic anion transporter
RBAM_00576 RBAM_005760 Na+/H+ antiporter
RBAM_00579 RBAM_005790 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00581 RBAM_005810 two-component sensor histidine kinase
RBAM_00582 RBAM_005820 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00595 RBAM_005950 glutamine amidotransferase
RBAM_00599 RBAM_005990 glycerol dehydrogenase
RBAM_00602 RBAM_006020 DNA-binding protein
RBAM_00608 RBAM_006080 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00618 RBAM_006180 GntR family transcriptional regulator
RBAM_00651 RBAM_006510 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00652 RBAM_006520 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00678 RBAM_006780 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00717 RBAM_007170 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00801 RBAM_008010 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00805 RBAM_008050 transcriptional regulator
RBAM_00826 RBAM_008260 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00839 RBAM_008390 pre-neck phage GP12 protein
RBAM_00846 RBAM_008460 NAD(P)H dehydrogenase
RBAM_00904 RBAM_009040 hypothetical protein
RBAM_00910 RBAM_009100 2-amino-3-carboxymuconate-6-semialdehyde decarboxylase
RBAM_01008 RBAM_010080 lysine/ornithine N-monooxygenase
RBAM_01020 RBAM_010200 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01063 RBAM_010630 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01066 RBAM_010660 putative Na+/metabolite cotransporter
RBAM_01076 RBAM_010760 HTH-type transcriptional regulator
RBAM_01093 RBAM_010930 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01105 RBAM_011050 basic membrane protein
RBAM_01106 RBAM_011060 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01112 RBAM_011120 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01148 RBAM_011480 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01187 RBAM_011870 ABC-type multidrug transport system, permease
RBAM_01189 RBAM_011890 abrB-like protein
RBAM_01198 RBAM_011980 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01199 RBAM_011990 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01200 RBAM_012000 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01201 RBAM_012010 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01203 RBAM_012030 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01204 RBAM_012040 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01205 RBAM_012050 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01206 RBAM_012060 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01207 RBAM_012070 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01221 RBAM_012210 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01222 RBAM_012220 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01223 RBAM_012230 methyltransferase
RBAM_01298 RBAM_012980 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01299 RBAM_012990 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01300 RBAM_013000 glycosyl transferase, group 2 family
RBAM_01301 RBAM_013010 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01302 RBAM_013020 probable 3-phenylpropionic acid transporter
RBAM_01348 RBAM_013480 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01373 RBAM_013730 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01374 RBAM_013740 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01432 RBAM_014320 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01579 RBAM_015790 amino acid transporter
RBAM_01727 RBAM_017270 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01728 RBAM_017280 hypothetical phagelike protein
RBAM_01729 RBAM_017290 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01730 RBAM_017300 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01731 RBAM_017310 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01738 RBAM_017380 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01739 RBAM_017390 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01740 RBAM_017400 putative homing endonuclease
RBAM_01742 RBAM_017420 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01749 RBAM_017490 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01751 RBAM_017510 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01753 RBAM_017530 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01755 RBAM_017550 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01756 RBAM_017560 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01758 RBAM_017580 similar to phage-related pre-neck appendage protein
RBAM_01762 RBAM_017620 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01792 RBAM_017920 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01805 RBAM_018050 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01806 RBAM_018060 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01807 RBAM_018070 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01808 RBAM_018080 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01809 RBAM_018090 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01860 RBAM_018600 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01867 RBAM_018670 GNAT family acetyltransferase
RBAM_01868 RBAM_018680 transposase RBAM
RBAM_01869 RBAM_018690 dehydrogenase
RBAM_01870 RBAM_018700 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01879 RBAM_018790 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01881 RBAM_018810 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01895 RBAM_018950 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01904 RBAM_019040 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01911 RBAM_019110 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01935 RBAM_019350 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01949 RBAM_019490 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01968 RBAM_019680 hypothetical protein
RBAM_01976 RBAM_019760 oxidoreductase
RBAM_01978 RBAM_019780 two-component sensor histidine kinase
RBAM_02021 RBAM_020210 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02022 RBAM_020220 putative methylated-DNA methyltransferase
RBAM_02145 RBAM_021450 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02167 RBAM_021670 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02210 RBAM_022100 LysR family transcriptional regulator
RBAM_02211 RBAM_022110 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02249 RBAM_022490 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02250 RBAM_022500 DNA binding protein
RBAM_02251 RBAM_022510 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02330 RBAM_023300 transposase
RBAM_02331 RBAM_023310 transposase
RBAM_02403 RBAM_024030 permease, putative
RBAM_02405 RBAM_024050 putative carbohydrate esterase family 6 protein
RBAM_02406 RBAM_024060 PadR-family transcriptional regulator
RBAM_02415 RBAM_024150 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02416 RBAM_024160 hydrolase
RBAM_02417 RBAM_024170 COG0561: Predicted hydrolases of the HAD superfamily
RBAM_02418 RBAM_024180 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02422 RBAM_024220 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02487 RBAM_024870 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02662 RBAM_026620 phage-related Zn finger domain-containing protein
RBAM_02663 RBAM_026630 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02664 RBAM_026640 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02665 RBAM_026650 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02667 RBAM_026670 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02668 RBAM_026680 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02669 RBAM_026690 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02673 RBAM_026730 phi ETA orf 55-like protein
RBAM_02674 RBAM_026740 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02675 RBAM_026750 cation efflux family protein
RBAM_02676 RBAM_026760 transcriptional regulator
RBAM_02677 RBAM_026770 amino acid permease
RBAM_02678 RBAM_026780 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02723 RBAM_027230 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02748 RBAM_027480 permease MDR type
RBAM_02775 RBAM_027750 U471_RS13835
RBAM_02828 RBAM_028280 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02845 RBAM_028450 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02952 RBAM_029520 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02953 RBAM_029530 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02954 RBAM_029540 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02956 RBAM_029560 hypothetical protein
RBAM_02968 RBAM_029680 HTH transcription regulator
RBAM_03002 RBAM_030020 LysR family transcriptional regulator
RBAM_03003 RBAM_030030 acetoacetate decarboxylase
RBAM_03004 RBAM_030040 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03053 RBAM_030530 two-component sensor histidine kinase
RBAM_03055 RBAM_030550 multidrug ABC transporter, permease
RBAM_03056 RBAM_030560 multidrug ABC transporter, permease
RBAM_03064 RBAM_030640 Zinc metalloproteinase
RBAM_03073 RBAM_030730 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03074 RBAM_030740 major facilitator transporter
RBAM_03075 RBAM_030750 carboxymuconolactone decarboxylase
RBAM_03076 RBAM_030760 amidohydrolase
RBAM_03116 RBAM_031160 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03117 RBAM_031170 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03118 RBAM_031180 N-acetylglucosaminyl-phosphatidylinositol de-N-acetylase
RBAM_03119 RBAM_031190 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03120 RBAM_031200 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03121 RBAM_031210 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03122 RBAM_031220 NAD-dependent epimerase/dehydratase
RBAM_03140 RBAM_031400 permease
RBAM_03141 RBAM_031410 haloacid dehalogenase
RBAM_03175 RBAM_031750 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03176 RBAM_031760 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03177 RBAM_031770 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03178 RBAM_031780 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03180 RBAM_031800 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03184 RBAM_031840 transcriptional regulator
RBAM_03204 RBAM_032040 two-component sensor histidine kinase
RBAM_03295 RBAM_032950 polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase-like protein
RBAM_03325 RBAM_033250 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03326 RBAM_033260 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03332 RBAM_033320 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03334 RBAM_033340 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03335 RBAM_033350 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03336 RBAM_033360 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03338 RBAM_033380 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03339 RBAM_033390 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03340 RBAM_033400 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03439 RBAM_034390 membrane protein
RBAM_03456 RBAM_034560 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03458 RBAM_034580 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03459 RBAM_034590 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03460 RBAM_034600 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03464 RBAM_034640 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03475 RBAM_034750 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03477 RBAM_034770 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03478 RBAM_034780 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03479 RBAM_034790 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03480 RBAM_034800 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03481 RBAM_034810 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03484 RBAM_034840 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03502 RBAM_035020 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03503 RBAM_035030 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03504 RBAM_035040 bacitracin ABC transporter permease
RBAM_03534 RBAM_035340 transposase
RBAM_03535 RBAM_035350 transposase
RBAM_03550 RBAM_035500 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03551 RBAM_035510 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03561 RBAM_035610 transcriptional regulator (MerR family)
RBAM_03584 RBAM_035840 iron ABC transporter substrate-binding protein
RBAM_03623 RBAM_036230 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03624 RBAM_036240 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03625 RBAM_036250 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03630 RBAM_036300 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03631 RBAM_036310 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03637 RBAM_036370 type III restriction endonuclease subunit R
RBAM_03638 RBAM_036380 NUDIX hydrolase
RBAM_03658 RBAM_036580 transposases lmo0828-like protein
RBAM_03693 RBAM_036930 sugar efflux transporter
RBAM_03695 RBAM_036950 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03698 RBAM_036980 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03706 RBAM_037060 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03707 RBAM_037070 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03708 RBAM_037080 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03709 RBAM_037090 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03710 RBAM_037100 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03711 RBAM_037110 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03712 RBAM_037120 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03713 RBAM_037130 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03717 RBAM_037170 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03722 RBAM_037220 response regulator aspartate phosphatase
RBAM_03727 RBAM_037270 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03728 RBAM_037280 ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
RBAM_03730 RBAM_037300 ABC transporter substrate-binding protein
RBAM_03731 RBAM_037310 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03732 RBAM_037320 signal transduction histidine kinase
RBAM_03733 RBAM_037330 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03734 RBAM_037340 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03752 RBAM_037520 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03753 RBAM_037530 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03754 RBAM_037540 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03755 RBAM_037550 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03756 RBAM_037560 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03757 RBAM_037570 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03767 RBAM_037670 transcriptional regulator
RBAM_03771 RBAM_037710 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03772 RBAM_037720 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03775 RBAM_037750 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03781 RBAM_037810 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03782 RBAM_037820 4-carboxymuconolactone decarboxylase
RBAM_03785 RBAM_037850 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03787 RBAM_037870 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03789 RBAM_037890 hypothetical protein
RBAM_03805 RBAM_038050 GNAT family acetyltransferase
rnhA RBAM_031940 ribonuclease precursor (Barnase)
rpiR1 RBAM_031420 RpiR family transcriptional regulator
sacA1 RBAM_031820 sucrose-6-phosphate hydrolase
sigN1 RBAM_006770 sigma factor
smtA RBAM_005700 SAM-dependent methyltransferase
spaF RBAM_031010 lantibiotic ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
spaK RBAM_030970 Subtilin biosynthesis regulation
spaR RBAM_030980 Subtilin biosynthesis regulation
thyC RBAM_005690 putative thymidylate synthase
tpaat RBAM_003700 hypothetical protein
ugd1 RBAM_031240 UDP-glucose 6-dehydrogenase
yakC1 RBAM_037200 Aldo-keto reductase
ybbO RBAM_005350 Zn-dependent oxidoreductase
ycxB1 RBAM_003710 hypothetical protein
ydB1 RBAM_005560 hypothetical protein
ydcS RBAM_006130 hypothetical protein
ydfD1 RBAM_031480 aminotransferase
ydgH1 RBAM_016690 Putative drug exporter of the RND superfamily
ydzE RBAM_006060 transport
yeiL RBAM_013030 DNA-binding transcriptional activator YeiL
yesK RBAM_007280 hypothetical protein
yezE1 RBAM_005340 oxidoreductase
yfjF RBAM_012100 putative permease of the major facilitator superfamily
yhaY RBAM_010050 hypothetical protein
yhcM1 RBAM_009410 hypothetical protein
yhdA1 RBAM_028440 NADPH-dependent FMN reductase
yjoA1 RBAM_005550 hypothetical protein
yktc1 RBAM_002050 hypothetical protein
ykuH RBAM_006500 hypothetical protein
yloN1 RBAM_005660 chloramphenicol/florfenicol resistance protein
ynaD1 RBAM_017480 similar to ribosomal-protein-alanine N-acetyltransferase
yoaW1 RBAM_017640 hypothetical protein
yocH1 RBAM_008220 cell wall-binding protein
yocL1 RBAM_018980 hypothetical protein
yokI1 RBAM_019820 hypothetical protein [bacteriophage SPBc2] YokI1
yolA RBAM_002540 hypothetical protein
yomQ RBAM_012610 PBSX prophage protein
yomR RBAM_012600 SPBc2 prophage-derived uncharacterized protein yomR
yoqN1 RBAM_019710 hypothetical protein
ypoP1 RBAM_016680 hypothetical protein
yqhL1 RBAM_005440 rhodanese-like domain-containing protein
yqjX1 RBAM_021840 hypothetical protein
yrkH1 RBAM_019750 Zn-dependent hydrolase
ysmB1 RBAM_018800 transcriptional regulator
ytcC1 RBAM_007620 beta 1,4 glucosyltransferase
yugM1 RBAM_028420 transporter
yvrG1 RBAM_018120 two-component system sensor histidine kinase
ywbF RBAM_031830 galactoside permease
yxiK1 RBAM_036270 hypothetical protein