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Genes interaction with Plants

aag RBAM_03581 DNA repair/ recombination
abh RBAM_014220 transition state regulator of transcription
abnA RBAM_025870 arabinan degradation
abrB RBAM_000460 regulation of gene expression during the transition from growth to stationary phase
acnA RBAM_029230 amylocyclicin synthesis
acnB RBAM_029240 amylocyclicin synthesis
acnC RBAM_029220 amylocyclicin synthesis
acnD RBAM_029210 amylocyclicin export
acnE RBAM_029200 amylocyclicin export
acnF RBAM_029190 amylocyclicin immunity
acoL RBAM_008330 acetoin utilization
acpK RBAM_016940 polyketide biosynthesis
alaR RBAM_028510 transcriptional regulator (Lrp family) of the alaR-alaT operon
alaS RBAM_024510 translation
ald RBAM_028980 alanine utilization
alsD RBAM_033160 overflow metabolism
alsS RBAM_033170 overflow metabolism
amyC RBAM_027210 probably melibiose uptake
ansA RBAM_021710 asparagine degradation
appA RBAM_011380 uptake of oligopeptides
appF RBAM_011370 uptake of oligopeptides
araA RBAM_025860 arabinose utilization
araB RBAM_025850 arabinose utilization
araD RBAM_025840 arabinose utilization
araL RBAM_025830 detoxification of accidental accumulation of phosphorylated metabolites
araM RBAM_025820 biosynthesis of phosphoglycerolipids
araN RBAM_025810 uptake of alpha-1,5-arabinooligosaccharides
araP RBAM_025800 uptake of alpha-1,5-arabinooligosaccharides
araQ RBAM_025790 uptake of alpha-1,5-arabinooligosaccharides
argC RBAM_011190 biosynthesis of arginine
argF RBAM_011250 biosynthesis of arginine
argG RBAM_026380 biosynthesis of arginine
asd RBAM_016590 biosynthesis of threonine, lysine, dipicolic acid, peptidoglycan
atpC RBAM_033960 ATP synthesis
atpF RBAM_034010 ATP synthesis
atpH RBAM_034000 ATP synthesis
bacA RBAM_034930 biosynthesis of the antibiotic bacilysin
bacB RBAM_034920 biosynthesis of the antibiotic bacilysin
bacC RBAM_034910 biosynthesis of the antibiotic bacilysin
bacD RBAM_034900 biosynthesis of the antibiotic bacilysin
bacE RBAM_034890  self-protection against bacilysin
bacF RBAM_034880 biosynthesis of the antibiotic bacilysin
bacG RBAM_034870 biosynthesis of the antibiotic bacilysin
baeB RBAM_016900 nonribosomal synthesis of the polyketide bacillaene
baeC RBAM_016910 nonribosomal synthesis of the polyketide bacillaene
baeD RBAM_016920 nonribosomal synthesis of the polyketide bacillaene
baeE RBAM_016930 nonribosomal synthesis of the polyketide bacillaene
baeG RBAM_016950 nonribosomal synthesis of the polyketide bacillaene
baeH RBAM_016960 nonribosomal synthesis of the polyketide bacillaene
baeI RBAM_016970 nonribosomal synthesis of the polyketide bacillaene
baeJ RBAM_016980 nonribosomal synthesis of the polyketide bacillaene
baeL RBAM_016990 nonribosomal synthesis of the polyketide bacillaene
baeM RBAM_017000 nonribosomal synthesis of the polyketide bacillaene
baeN RBAM_017010 nonribosomal synthesis of the polyketide bacillaene
baeR RBAM_017020 nonribosomal synthesis of the polyketide bacillaene
baeS RBAM_017030 cytochrome P450 of bacillaene metabolism
bcd RBAM_022360 utilization of branched-chain keto acids
bdhA RBAM_006650 overflow metabolism, fermentation
besA RBAM_029060 iron acquisition
bglC RBAM_018100 beta-1,4-glucan degradation
bglH RBAM_036350 salicin utilization
bglS RBAM_036190 lichenan degradation
bkdAA RBAM_022330 utilization of branched-chain keto acids
bkdB RBAM_022310 utilization of branched-chain keto acids
bmyA RBAM_018180 Nonribosomal bacillomycin synthesis
bmyB RBAM_018170 Nonribosomal bacillomycin synthesis
bmyC RBAM_018160 Nonribosomal bacillomycin synthesis
bmyD RBAM_018190 Nonribosomal bacillomycin synthesis
bpr RBAM_015130 protein degradation
bsdB RBAM_003800 IAA synthesis
bsdC RBAM_003810 IPyA pathway of IAA biosynthesis
cdaR RBAM_002290 regulation of c-di-AMP synthesis
cdd RBAM_023600 pyrimidine interconversion
cgeD RBAM_019600 maturation of the outermost layer of the spore
chbA RBAM_017540 chitin binding
cheC RBAM_016290 motility and chemotaxis
cheD RBAM_016300 motility and chemotaxis
cheV RBAM_013800 control of CheA activity
cimH RBAM_036020 citrate uptake
citB RBAM_017800 TCA cycle
citM RBAM_007810 uptake of citrate and magnesium
citZ RBAM_026180 TCA cycle
colA RBAM_007740 biofilm formation, adhesion on plant surfaces
colB RBAM_007750 biofilm formation, adhesion on plant surfaces
colC RBAM_007760 biofilm formation, adhesion on plant surfaces
colD RBAM_007770 biofilm formation, adhesion on plant surfaces
comA RBAM_028760 biocontrol plant pathogens
comS RBAM_003670 genetic competence; competence protein S
comX RBAM_028780 quorum sensing
cotG RBAM_033230 resistance of the spore
cpgA RBAM_015610 ribosome assembly, coordination of peptidoglycan deposition in the cell wall
csfB RBAM_000330 control of SigG and SigE activity
csn RBAM_029740 chitin degradation
cspB RBAM_009370 RNA chaperone, involved in elicitation of plant basal defence
cspC RBAM_005400 RNA chaperone, involved in elicitation of plant basal defence
cspD RBAM_020070 RNA chaperone, involved in elicitation of plant basal defence
ctaG RBAM_014790 formation of functional cytochrome C-oxidase (caa3)
cysC RBAM_015430 sulfate reduction and activation
cysJ RBAM_030600 sulfite reduction
cysP RBAM_015410 sulfate uptake
dacA RBAM_000130 carboxypeptidase
degQ RBAM_028800 regulation of exoenzyme synthesis
degR RBAM_020080 activation of degradative enzymes (aprE, nprE, sacB) production or activity
degU RBAM_032640 regulation of degradative enzymes, genetic competence, and other adaptive responses
degV RBAM_032630 fatty acid binding
dfnA RBAM_022080 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnB RBAM_022050 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnC RBAM_022040 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnD RBAM_022030 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnE RBAM_022020 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnF RBAM_022010 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnG RBAM_022000 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnH RBAM_021990 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnI RBAM_021980 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnJ RBAM_021970 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnK RBAM_021960 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnL RBAM_021950 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnM RBAM_021940 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnX RBAM_022060 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dfnY RBAM_022070 Nonribosomal synthesis of difficidin
dhaS RBAM_019060 involved in IAA synthesis
dhbA RBAM_029050 biosynthesis of the siderophore bacillibactin
dhbB RBAM_029020 biosynthesis of the siderophore bacillibactin
dhbC RBAM_029040 biosynthesis of the siderophore bacillibactin
dhbE RBAM_029030 biosynthesis of the siderophore bacillibactin
dhbF RBAM_029010 biosynthesis of the siderophore bacillibactin
divIC RBAM_000710 cell-division initiation protein (septum formation), component of septosome (with DivIB)
dnaK RBAM_023770 protein quality control
ebrB RBAM_017100 multidrug resistance
eno RBAM_031260 enzyme in glycolysis/ gluconeogenesis
epr RBAM_035660 protein degradation
epsA RBAM_031670 biofilm formation, Exopolysaccharide
epsB RBAM_031660 biofilm formation
epsC RBAM_031650 Biofilm formation
epsD RBAM_031640 Biofilm formation
epsE RBAM_031630 biofilm formation
era RBAM_023590 ribosome assembly
fabI RBAM_011730 fatty acid biosynthesis
fadA RBAM_029910 fatty acid degradation
fadN RBAM_029920 fatty acid degradation
fapR RBAM_015710 regulation of fatty acid biosynthesis
fbaA RBAM_034280 enzyme in glycolysis/ gluconeogenesis
fenA RBAM_018460 nonribosomal synthesis of fengycin
fenB RBAM_018450 nonribosomal synthesis of fengycin
fenC RBAM_018440 nonribosomal synthesis of fengycin
fenD RBAM_018430 nonribosomal synthesis of fengycin
fenE RBAM_018420 nonribosomal synthesis of fengycin
feuA RBAM_002120 acquisition of iron
flgK RBAM_032560 motility and chemotaxis
flgL RBAM_032550 motility and chemotaxis
flgM RBAM_032580 control of SigD activity
fliD RBAM_032500 motility and chemotaxis
fliJ RBAM_016080 movement and chemotaxis
fliK RBAM_016100 movement and chemotaxis
fliL RBAM_016140 movement and chemotaxis
fliM RBAM_016150 movement and chemotaxis
fliP RBAM_016190 export of flagellum components
fliS RBAM_032490 Motility and chemotaxis
folC RBAM_025130 biosynthesis of folate
fosB RBAM_011160 confers resistence against antimicrobial compounds from B. amyloliquefaciens FZB42
fpbQ RBAM_004080 acquisition of iron
frlB RBAM_029670 metabolism of aminoacylated fructose
frlD RBAM_029630 metabolism of sugar amines
fruC RBAM_006560 utilization of sucrose and glucitol
fruR RBAM_014120 regulation of fructose utilization
ftsH RBAM_000800 cell division, sporulation initiation
ftsL RBAM_015010 septum formation
ftsZ RBAM_015120 formation of Z-ring
fusA RBAM_001370 translation
gabP RBAM_006710 utilization of gamma-amino butyric acid
galE RBAM_036080 galactose utilization
galE1 RBAM_012140 galactose utilization
galK RBAM_035460 galactose utilization
galK1 RBAM_012150 galactose utilization
galT1 RBAM_012130 galactose utilization
gapB RBAM_026060 anabolic enzyme in gluconeogenesis
gcvPB RBAM_022870 glycine utilization
gcvT RBAM_022890 glycine utilization
ggt RBAM_018540 degradation of poly-glutamate capsules
glmS RBAM_002320 cell wall synthesis
glnR RBAM_017250 regulation of glutamine synthesis
glpF RBAM_009540 glycerol uptake
glpK RBAM_009550 glycerol utilization
glpP RBAM_009530 regulation of glycerol and glycerol-3-phosphate utilization
glpQ RBAM_002600 glycerol-3-phosphate utilization, degradation of wall teichoic acid during phosphate starvation
gltT RBAM_010420 glutamate and aspartate uptake
glvR RBAM_008370 regulation of maltose utilization
gmuG RBAM_035930 glucomannan utilization
grpE RBAM_023780 control of DnaK activity
gudB RBAM_021110 glutamate utilization, control of GltC activity
gutA RBAM_006550 glucitol uptake
hag RBAM_032510 motility and chemotaxis
hbuT RBAM_018230 3-hydroxybutyrate utilization
hepT RBAM_020900 menaquinone biosynthesis
hpf RBAM_032460 ribosome hibernation promoting factor
hrcA RBAM_023790 regulation of chaperone gene expression
htpX RBAM_013260 quality control of membrane proteins
hutH RBAM_036410 histidine utilization
ileS RBAM_015260 translation
ilvC RBAM_025350 biosynthesis of branched-chain amino acids
infA RBAM_001640 translation
infB RBAM_016470 translation
infC RBAM_025930 translation
iolA RBAM_036780 myo-inositol catabolism
iolB RBAM_036770 myo-inositol catabolism
iolC RBAM_036760 myo-inositol catabolism
iolD RBAM_036750 myo-inositol catabolism
iolE RBAM_036740 myo-inositol catabolism
iolF RBAM_036730 D-chiro-inositol uptake
iolG RBAM_036720 myo-inositol catabolism
iolH RBAM_036710 utilization of inositol
iolI RBAM_036700 myo-inositol catabolism
iolS RBAM_036800 unknown, may be involved in myo-inositol catabolism
iolT RBAM_006270 myo-inositol uptake
iseA RBAM_018500 protection against cell envelope stress
kbl RBAM_016840 threonine utilization
kinD RBAM_013420 initiation of sporulation
kre RBAM_013810 control of ComK accumulation and of bistable competence gene expression
ktrC RBAM_014230? potassium uptake
lacE RBAM_012160 sugar uptake and phosphorylation
lacF RBAM_012170 sugar uptake and phosphorylation
lacG RBAM_012180 metabolism of lactose
lacR RBAM_012190 control lactose uptake
lepA RBAM_023810 translation
leuA RBAM_025340 biosynthesis of leucine
leuB RBAM_025330 biosynthesis of leucine
leuD RBAM_025310 biosynthesis/ acquisition of amino acids
liaH RBAM_030250 resistance against oxidative stress and cell wall antibiotics
liaI RBAM_030260 resistance against oxidative stress and cell wall antibiotics
licA RBAM_035770 lichenan uptake and phosphorylation
licB RBAM_035790 lichenan uptake and phosphorylation
licH RBAM_035760 lichenan utilization
lipC RBAM_004340 utilization of lipids
loaP RBAM_022090 Antitermination of polyketide synthesis
ltaS RBAM_007920? biosynthesis of lipoteichoic acid
luxS RBAM_027680 methionine salvage
lytA RBAM_032790 autolysis
lytD RBAM_032900 autolysis
maeA RBAM_034210 malate utilization
malA RBAM_008360 maltose utilization
malP RBAM_008380 maltose uptake and phosphorylation
map RBAM_001630 removal of N-terminal methionine from nascent proteins
mdh RBAM_026160 TCA cycle
mdtR RBAM_029970 regulation of the multidrug-resistance mdtR-mdtP operon
med RBAM_011300 regulation of competence
mifM RBAM_022190 control of yidC2 translation
minC RBAM_025050 septum placement
mlnA RBAM_014330 nonribosomal synthesis of macrolactin
mlnB RBAM_014340 nonribosomal synthesis of macrolactin
mlnC RBAM_014350 nonribosomal synthesis of macrolactin
mlnD RBAM_014360 nonribosomal synthesis of macrolactin
mlnE RBAM_014370 nonribosomal synthesis of macrolactin
mlnF RBAM_014380 nonribosomal synthesis of macrolactin
mlnG RBAM_014390 nonribosomal synthesis of macrolactin
mlnH RBAM_014400 nonribosomal synthesis of macrolactin
mmgD RBAM_022420 mother cell metabolism
mraZ RBAM_014990 putative protein involved in cell division or replication
mrsK2 RBAM_036640 control of mersacidin detoxification
mscL RBAM_033560 resistance to osmotic downshock glycine betaine export
mtlA RBAM_004230 mannitol uptake and phosphorylation, control of MtlR activity
mtlD RBAM_004250 mannitol utilization
murB RBAM_015090 peptidoglycan precursor biosynthesis
ndh RBAM_036970 respiration
ndoA RBAM_005000 RNase EndoA, MazF family toxin, UACAU-specific mRNA interferase
ndoAI RBAM_004990 antitoxin, antagonist for EndoA
nfrA RBAM_035360 detoxification of oxygen radicals
nin RBAM_003600 genetic transformation, DNA uptake
nupN RBAM_028640 uptake of guanosine
odhB RBAM_019120 TCA cycle
oppA RBAM_011430 initiation of sporulation, competence development
oppB RBAM_011440 initiation of sporulation, competence development
oppD RBAM_011460 initiation of sporulation, competence development
oppF RBAM_011470 initiation of sporulation, competence development
opuD RBAM_027160 compatible solute transport
pabA RBAM_000860 biosynthesis of folate and tryptophan
pabB RBAM_000850 biosynthesis of folate and tryptophan
pabC RBAM_000870 biosynthesis of folate
patB RBAM_028540 IPyA pathway of IAA biosynthesis
pbpE RBAM_006140 endopeptidase
pbpF RBAM_010340 bifunctional glucosyltransferase/ transpeptidase
pdhB RBAM_014430 links glycolysis and TCA cycle
pdhC RBAM_014440 links glycolysis and TCA cycle
penP  RBAM_012080  b-Lactamase precursor
perR RBAM_008820 regulation of the response to peroxide
pgcA RBAM_009570 interconversion of glucose 6-phosphate and alpha-glucose 1-phosphate
pgi RBAM_028430 enzyme in glycolysis / gluconeogenesis
pgk RBAM_031290 enzyme in glycolysis/ gluconeogenesis
pgm RBAM_012200 enzyme in glycolysis / gluconeogenesis
pgm2 RBAM_031270 enzyme in glycolysis / gluconeogenesis
pgprA RBAM_017410 essential for plant growth promotion
pheS RBAM_025710 translation
phoP RBAM_026150 regulation of phosphate metabolism
phrC RBAM_004020 control of ComA activity
phyC RBAM_019640 utilization of inositol hexakisphosphate (phytate)
ponA RBAM_020470 bifunctional glucosyltransferase/ transpeptidase
priA RBAM_015540 DNA replication initiation
proA RBAM_012940 biosynthesis of proline
proB RBAM_012930 biosynthesis of proline
prpC RBAM_015590 antagonist of PrkC-dependent phosphorylation
pstS RBAM_023290 high-affinity phosphate uptake
pta RBAM_034850 overflow metabolism
ptb RBAM_022370 utilization of branched-chain keto acids
ptsH RBAM_013670 PTS-dependent sugar transport and carbon catabolite repression
ptsI RBAM_013680 PTS-dependent sugar transport
purD RBAM_006950 purine biosynthesis
purF RBAM_006910 purine biosynthesis
purH RBAM_006940 purine biosynthesis
purK RBAM_006850 purine biosynthesis
purM RBAM_006920 purine biosynthesis
purN RBAM_006930 purine biosynthesis
putC RBAM_003450 proline utilization
pyrF RBAM_015380 pyrimidine biosynthesis
pyrH RBAM_016350 pyrimidine biosynthesis
pznA RBAM_007441 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
pznB RBAM_007480 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
pznC RBAM_007460 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
pznD RBAM_007470 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
pznE RBAM_007490 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
pznF RBAM_007400 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
pznG RBAM_007420 plantazolicin ABC transport
pznH RBAM_007430 plantazolicin ABC transport
pznI RBAM_007440 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
pznJ RBAM_007450 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
pznK RBAM_007410 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
pznL RBAM_007500 plantazolicin synthesis and transport
qoxA RBAM_035430 respiration
qoxB RBAM_035420 respiration
racA RBAM_034190 putative transporter
racX RBAM_005490 production of non-canonical D-amino acids
rapA RBAM_012450 control of sporulation initiation
rapF RBAM_034530 control of ComA activity
RBAM_005200 RBAM_005200 unknown
RBAM_029720 RBAM_029720 menaquinone biosynthesis
RBAM_035610 RBAM_035610 unknown
recA RBAM_016780 DNA repair/ recombination
resA RBAM_021290 cytochrome c biogenesis
resE RBAM_021250 regulation of aerobic and anaerobic respiration
rghR RBAM_030940 transcriptional repressor
ricA RBAM_016860 antagonist of biofilm repression by SinR, control of the phosphorelay
rnjA RBAM_014270? RNA processing
rny RBAM_016800 RNA processing and degradation
rnz  RBAM_022150 processing of CCA-less tRNA precursors
rocA RBAM_034980 arginine, ornithine and citrulline utilization
rocD RBAM_037250 arginine, ornithine and citrulline utilization
rocE RBAM_037240 arginine, ornithine and citrulline uptake
rocF RBAM_037230 arginine, ornithine and citrulline utilization
rodZ RBAM_016750 required for cell shape determination
rpe RBAM_015620 pentose phosphate pathway
rplA RBAM_001280 translation
rplD RBAM_001420 translation
rplJ RBAM_001290 translation
rplM RBAM_001740 translation
rplU RBAM_025010 translation
rpmA RBAM_024990 translation
rpmGA RBAM_023220 translation
rpoA RBAM_001680 transcription
rpoC RBAM_001330 transcription
rpsI RBAM_001750 translation
rpsK RBAM_001670 translation
rpsM RBAM_001660 translation
rpsO RBAM_016520 translation
rpsR RBAM_037980 translation
rpsU RBAM_023710 translation
rsbX RBAM_005080 control of SigB activity
rsiW RBAM_002270 control of SigW activity
sacB RBAM_037650 utilization of sucrose, production of levan
scoB RBAM_018210 3-hydroxybutyrate utilization
scoC ?RBAM_010230 transition state regulator
sda RBAM_023990 check point factor coupling initiation of sporulation and replication initiation
sdhB RBAM_025500 TCA cycle
secE RBAM_001250 protein secretion
secY RBAM_001610 protein secretion
sfp RBAM_003740  4-phosphopantetheinyl transferase (Surfactin synthetase-activating enzyme)
sigA RBAM_023510 transcription
sigD RBAM_016310 transcription
sigH RBAM_001230 transcription
sigW RBAM_002260 transcription of early stationary phase genes (sporulation, competence)
sinI RBAM_022920 antagonist of SinR, drives SlrR from the SlrR(LOW) to the SlrR(HIGH) state
sirA RBAM_017700 control of chromosome copy number
sodA RBAM_023340 control of motility and biofilm formation
speA RBAM_014490 spermidine, polyamine biosynthesis
speB RBAM_034610 spermidine, polyamine biosynthesis
spmA RBAM_021320 spore maturation
spo0A RBAM_022550 phosphorelay regulator, initiation of sporulation, coordinates DNA replication and initiation of sporulation by binding to sites close to the oriC
spoIIB RBAM_025110 spatial and temporal regulator of the dissolution of septal peptidoglycan during engulfment (stage II sporulation)
spoIIID RBAM_033620 transcriptional regulator
spx RBAM_011500 regulation of mother cell gene expression
srfAA RBAM_003650 nonribosomal synthesis of surfactin
srfAB RBAM_003660 nonribosomal synthesis of surfactin
srfAC RBAM_003680 nonribosomal synthesis of surfactin
srfAD RBAM_003690 nonribosomal synthesis of surfactin
ssbB RBAM_033530 DNA replication, DNA repair/ recombination
sspI RBAM_025730 DNA replication, DNA repair/ recombination
sucC RBAM_015920 TCA cycle
sucD RBAM_015930 TCA cycle
sufU RBAM_029760 iron-sulfur cluster assembly scaffold protein
swrA RBAM_032370 essential for swarming differentiation on solid surfaces, control of DegU activity
swrB RBAM_016320? control of SigD activity
swrC RBAM_007110 Resistance against toxins/ antibiotics
tagO RBAM_032680 biosynthesis of teichoic acid
tagV RBAM_032670 transfer of anionic cell wall polymers from lipid-linked precursors to peptidoglycan
tasA RBAM_022940 transfer of anionic cell wall polymers from lipid-linked precursors to peptidoglycan
tatAD RBAM_002940 biofilm formation
tatAy RBAM_006430 TAT protein secretion
tatCy RBAM_006440 TAT protein secretion
tcyK RBAM_030830 cystine uptake
tdh RBAM_016830 threonine utilization
thiV RBAM_013090 thiamine uptake
thrB RBAM_029350 biosynthesis of threonine
tilS RBAM_000780 tRNA modification, control of ftsH expression
tlp RBAM_017840 thioredoxin-like protein
tpx RBAM_026420  resistance against oxidative stress
trmU RBAM_024610 tRNA modification
trpA RBAM_020800 biosynthesis of tryptophan
trpB RBAM_020810 biosynthesis of tryptophan
trpC RBAM_020830 biosynthesis of tryptophan
trpD RBAM_020840 biosynthesis of tryptophan
trpE RBAM_020850 biosynthesis of tryptophan
tuaA RBAM_032760 biosynthesis of teichuronic acid
tuaB RBAM_032750 biosynthesis of teichuronic acid
tuaC RBAM_032740 biosynthesis of teichuronic acid
tuaD RBAM_032730 biosynthesis of teichuronic acid
tuaE RBAM_032720 biosynthesis of teichuronic acid
tuaF RBAM_032710 biosynthesis of teichuronic acid
tuaG RBAM_032700 biosynthesis of teichuronic acid
tuaH RBAM_032690 biosynthesis of teichuronic acid
tufA RBAM_001380 translation
valS RBAM_025140 translation
veg RBAM_000530 control of biofilm formation
vpr RBAM_035320 protein degradation
xhlA RBAM_012640 involved in cell lysis upon induction of PBSX
xynA RBAM_033790 xylan degradation
xynC RBAM_018140 xylan degradation
xynD RBAM_018150 xylan degradation
yaaA RBAM_000030 assembly of the 50S subunit of the ribosome
yaaO RBAM_000360 arabinoxylan degradation
yaaR RBAM_000390 arabinoxylan degradation
yaaT RBAM_000410 control of the phosphorelay, required for the achieving a sufficient level of Spo0A-P for sporulation initiation
yabP RBAM_000690 required for sporulation at a late stage
yabR RBAM_000720 unknown
ybfQ RBAM_002740 unknown
ybgB RBAM_029690 unknown
ybxF RBAM_001340 highly expressed protein, similar to ribosomal protein L7AE family, associated with the ribosome during exponential growth, binds K-turns in RNA switches
yceD RBAM_003160 required for survival of ethanol stress
yceE RBAM_003170 required for survival of ethanol stress and at low temperatures
yceF RBAM_003180 general stress protein, similar to tellurium resistance protein
yceH RBAM_003200 similar to toxic anion resistance protein
ycgB RBAM_003270 unknown
yclJ RBAM_003990 Two-component response regulator YclK
yclK RBAM_004000 Two-component sensor histidine kinase
ycsD RBAM_004260 fatty acid biosynthesis
ycsN RBAM_004380 aryl-alcohol dehydrogenase
yczE RBAM_003750 regulation of antibiotic synthesis
yczI RBAM_004350 unknown
ydbM RBAM_004850 sulphur metabolism
ydgH1 RBAM_016690 Putative drug exporter of the RND superfamily
ydhB RBAM_006030 unknown
ydjI RBAM_006610 putative membrane spanning protein YdhB
yebC RBAM_006800 unknown
yfhE RBAM_008570 survival of stress conditions and low temperatures
yfhH RBAM_008600 unknown
yfhL RBAM_008670 SdpC immunity factor
yfjT RBAM_008190 unknown
yfkA RBAM_008180 degradation of c-di-AMP
yfkN RBAM_008030 degradation of c-di-AMP
yflN RBAM_007820 putative metal-dependent hydrolase
yflS RBAM_007730 malate uptake
yfmB RBAM_007700 unknown
yhbI RBAM_009270 Transcriptional regulator (MarR family)
yhcA RBAM_009290 Multidrug resistance protein
yhcB RBAM_009300 oxidoreductase associated to oxygen stress
yhcX RBAM_009510 IAA synthesis
yheA RBAM_010030 IAA synthesis
yhfM RBAM_010480 unknown
yhgD RBAM_010380 transcriptional regulator
yhgE RBAM_010390 Phage infection protein
yhjN RBAM_010740 unknown
yhzC RBAM_010590 unknown
yisK RBAM_010910 modulator of Mbl activity, similar to 5-oxo-1,2,5-tricarboxilic-3-penten acid decarboxylase
yisT RBAM_010990 conserved hypothetical protein
yjbH RBAM_011560 stimulation of Spx degradation
yjfB RBAM_012240 conserved hypothetical protein
yjiC RBAM_012360 bacillaene synthesis
ykaA RBAM_012700 putative Pit accessory protein
ykcB RBAM_012730 putative integral membrane protein
yknZ RBAM_014110 ABC transporter (permease) for the export of the SdpC toxin
ykoM RBAM_013160 transcription
ykoY RBAM_013210 transcription
ykpC RBAM_014200 conserved hypothetical protein
ykrP RBAM_013300 stress-responsive membrane protease
ykyA RBAM_014310 putative chromosome partitioning protein
ylbK RBAM_014900 putative hydrolase
ylbN RBAM_014930 conserved hypothetical protein
ylqC RBAM_015830 putative RNA binding protein
ylqD RBAM_015840 conserved hypothetical protein
ylxF RBAM_016090 putative kinesin-like protein
ymcB RBAM_016850 antagonist of biofilm repression by SinR, control of the phosphorelay
ymfH RBAM_016710 unknown
yndM RBAM_017630 sporulation protein
yneF RBAM_017710 unknown
yngA RBAM_018300 unknown
yngB RBAM_018310 unknown
yngG RBAM_018350 mother cell metabolism, leucine utilization
yngL RBAM_018410 unknown
yobS RBAM_018860 similar to transcription factor (AcrR family)
yocB RBAM_018920 survival of stress conditions
yodA RBAM_019280 unknown
yodR RBAM_019550 similar to butyrate-acetoacetate CoA-transferase
yojF RBAM_019230 unknown
ypbS RBAM_020170 unknown
ypeB RBAM_021070 assembly of SleB
ypeP RBAM_020110 unknown
ypiB RBAM_020740 unknown
ypiF RBAM_020730 unknown
ypmA RBAM_020540 unknown
ypmP RBAM_019910 unknown
yppF RBAM_020410 unknown
yqeW RBAM_023720 phosphate uptake
yqeY RBAM_023700 unknown
yqeZ RBAM_023690 resistance against sublancin
yqhL RBAM_005440 unknown
yqhO RBAM_022830 conserved hypothetical protein
yqhY RBAM_022660 control of fatty acid biosynthesis
yqiG RBAM_022520 similar to NADH-dependent flavin oxidoreductase
yqjL RBAM_022130 putative hydrolase, resistence against paraquat
yqkC RBAM_021780 unknown
yqxD RBAM_023530 conserved hypothetical protein
yqzC RBAM_023240 conserved hypothetical protein
yrdA RBAM_024140 unknown
yrkD RBAM_00542 unknown
yrkF RBAM_005450 conserved hypothetical protein
yrkO RBAM_024100 putative integral inner membrane protein
yrpD RBAM_010640 unknown
yrrC RBAM_024590 putative exonuclease with DNA/RNA helicase motif
yrrK RBAM_024490 16S rRNA maturation
yrvO RBAM_02462 tRNA thiolation
yrzL RBAM_024500 unknown
ysdB RBAM_025890 conserved hypothetical protein
ysnE RBAM_035380 similar to acetyltransferase
ytnA RBAM_027550 putative amino acid permease
ytrE RBAM_027350 ABC transporter (ATP-binding protein)
ytxG RBAM_026900 unknown
ytzD RBAM_026360 conserved hypothetical protein
yubD RBAM_012760 putative efflux transporter
yuiA RBAM_029140 unknown
yuiB RBAM_029130 unknown
yukE RBAM_028960 unknown
yukJ RBAM_028990 unknown
yusV RBAM_030060 acquisition of iron
yuxL RBAM_029340 acquisition of iron
yvaG RBAM_030870 3-Oxoacyl-acyl-carrier protein reductase
yvfG RBAM_031520 unknown
yvnB RBAM_032240 unknown
yvpB RBAM_032150 unknown
yvyG RBAM_032570 flagellar filament assembly
ywcE RBAM_035390 spore morphogenesis and germination
ywcI RBAM_035310 unknown
ywkB RBAM_034200 Putative transporter
ywkE RBAM_034160 peptide release factor methylation
ywlA RBAM_034140 putative integral inner membrane protein
ywnF RBAM_033760 putative integral inner membrane protein
ywqB RBAM_033490 putative replication initiation protein
ywqH RBAM_033430 putative replication initiation protein
yxaL RBAM_036900 membrane associated protein kinase with beta-propeller domain
yxkD RBAM_036060 Efflux transporter
yxxF RBAM_036330 Efflux transporter
yyaJ RBAM_037920 putative transporter
yybE RBAM_037740 putative transporter
yybF RBAM_037730 antibiotic resistance
yydA RBAM_037150 unknown